Doctor of Law and Policy: All Classwork done? Check!

Today, after 24 intensive weeks spanning two years, my Cohort and I completed all required in-person classwork in Boston (well, 22 months in Boston, and two more months in Washington, D.C.) for the Doctor of Law and Policy degree at Northeastern University.

I have to finish my thesis by July 30th-ish so I can defend it on August 30th.

I have come to truly enjoy being in the company of the other 14 surviving members of Cohort 8. We started a couple of years ago with 24, and I am sorry they did not end up making the journey with the rest of us.

As of now, 9 members of Cohort 8 have successfully defended their theses. Most of the rest will defend in the next two weeks. I suspect I’ll be the last one.

I’ve very proud of what we have all accomplished, and looking forward to seeing what they will accomplish when they are conferred their degrees on September 22, followed by the hooding six day later.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am stronger than the train.


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