IRB Application Closer and Closer

My IRB application is essentially complete. I spoke by Skype with the Professor Neenah Estrella-Luna, who is responsible for coordinating IRB applications prior to submission to the Principal Investigator, and to the IRB rep.  Professor Estrella-Luna asked me to make some changes based on new rules not yet reflected in the current application form, but those change are extremely minor. This is a great relief because I know have data collection in sight, if not yet underway. jlk

Pipes Are SUCH a Problem

While my own ‘pipes’ are healing, and I had my internal liner (stent) removed a few days ago, the main sewer clay pipe for my home failed.  I suppose that’s not a surprise after 35 years of service. To fix the sewer, we had an internal liner installed.  One liner out; one liner in. Just another reminder that life gets in the way of life, sometimes.

Missed Classes

Regrettably, I’ve missed this month’s classes at the University.  I have a good excuse: a kidney stone that refused to gracefully exit, and demanded the rather personal attention of my urologist in a surgical setting.  The little bastard is gone, now.  Good riddance vile creature.

Bow Ties

Cohort 9, which just started in July, seems to be off to a good start.  Last week, during the August Intensive, they started their own new tradition: Bow Tie Sundays. I approve!

Peer Reviews and Intellectual Integrity

One of the things I’ve had to come to terms with during the doctoral program is accepting the real and sometimes-harsh value of the the peer review process. That process requires the author to openly subject himself or herself to the critiques of peers, hopefully before publication and widespread embarrassment. On the other side, being a peer reviewer requires that you be place real or potential personal friendships and professional relationships aside to be able to say things you might never want to say face to face. For example, gems such as ‘you just didn’t get it regarding…’; or ‘the new area of research has been well covered in the existing literature, and I don’t see anything new in the paper…’; or ‘when referring the a government agency using the Continue Reading …

Video About My Thesis Topic

(Updated April 5, 2016: Take a peek at this page if you think you know the results I will publish in my thesis regarding my research.  That will make one of us.) Here is a short video calling card explaining in general terms the subject and area of my thesis research. -Jonathan © 2015 Jonathan L. Kramer. All rights reserved.

I am now a doctoral candidate!

(Updated April 5, 2016: Take a peek at this page if you think you know the results I will publish in my thesis regarding my research.  That will make one of us.) On Friday, July 10, 2015 I successfully defended my thesis proposal at Northeastern University.  My thesis proposal is titled, “Cell Phone Sites and Single Family Home Prices in Calabasas, California: Perceptions and Percentages.” Here is a summary of my proposed and approved research: In the proposed research, I have two principal aims. My first aim is to assess  whether single family home prices, reflected in public arms-length buy-sell transactions in the studied city, are impacted positively or negatively, or not at all impacted, after the installation of a cell site near single family homes. By studying single family Continue Reading …

I May have a PI/Supervisor

[Updated 7/14/15] As a doctoral student conducting research, I will work under the supervision of a faculty member at Northeastern University who possesses a relevant  doctorate and experience. Normally, doctoral candidate supervisors–sometimes called principal investigators– are selected by the one of the program chairs. I, of course, have to be different.  I want to control my own fate, at least to the extent possible in academia. Given the nature of my proposed project, which will be heavy on stats and math, plus interview and survey techniques, I have approached a professor at NEU who has all of the requisite credentials to serve as my PI/supervisor.   I already know him from the first year of doctoral program, and also know of his very supportive supervision style from a previous Cohort Continue Reading …