Grades for Winter 2016 Posted. I don’t care.

I’ve just received the grades for the Winter 2016 quarter, which ended at 23:59:59 on Sunday, April 2, 2016. As I have promised for transparency purposes, I’ve posted them to the left side of this screen…scroll down if you’re interested.

I am not interested…anymore.

Huh? I don’t care about my grades?

The reality now is that the real grade for me will come during the first week in September, when I’m officially notified whether my thesis is accepted in final form and I have successfully defended it. There’s no guarantee of either or both, so I cannot lose sight of what’s vital…finishing up the writing and getting the defense completed and behind me.

Okay, to be fully honest, I do care about my grades, but that’s my pride speaking. I’m glad that I’ve meet the high standards set by the institution, so far, and I’ll be happy when my final grades are posted. But I’ll be a lot happier when I get the official letter from Northeastern saying that I should stop by for the doctoral hooding later that month.

That’s the only grade that counts, now.


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