DLP Program Now Part of NEU Graduate School of Education

The Doctor of Law and Policy Program is now a part of the CPS Graduate School of Education.

What does this mean?

The DLP program has, until now, been stand-alone within the College of Professional Studies. That independence has offered certain advantages over the years. They key advantage has been program autonomy from other CPS programs.

Yet, with advantages come some downsides. One of the key downsides, in my view, has been that the DLP program hasn’t been able to access the greater resources assigned to larger doctoral programs in CPS, in this case the Graduate School of Education. Additionally, doctoral programs in the same college, but isolated from others in the same college may have varying standards.

I am a DLP graduate of the program during its standalone days. I’ve also been a DLP program instructor under the standalone model and now under the GSE model. I’m happy to report that…so far…operating as a program of the GSE has proven to be a good move. With greater access to seasoned GSE teaching and administrative professionals, along with the legacy DLP leadership which is now a part of GSE, the DLP program is now better-supported than before, and better-poised to grow.


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