Long Overdue Update

It’s been a while since I updated this blog.  Bad me.  Bad, bad, bad me.

So what’s new?

I’ve been teaching in the College of Professional Studies over the last three quarters.

Masters level teaching…

I’ve been teaching in the College of Professional Studies for the last three quarters.  I’ve spent two quarters teaching in the Food Safety program (Masters level).  My focus, not surprisingly, has been on law and policy issues related to food safety, and mostly what happens when food safety is not the first priority.

Doctoral level teaching…

I’m in the middle(ish) of teaching Constitutional Law and Policy in the Doctor of Law and Policy program.  I’m teaching the Seattle Cohort 2 of the very same program from where I earned my own doctorate back in 2016.  I have to thank JD LaRock for making my job so much easier by allowing me to adopt his syllabus…really his prior program framework…giving me a big leg up.    My students are great, and as usual, I learn from them as they learn from me.

I’ll be teaching in the Seattle section of the DLP program next quarter.  Then I’ll be teaching advance legal reasoning concepts to Seattle Cohort 1.  Are they in for fun or what?!  (Or what!)

Doctoral Thesis Supervision

I’m delighted to report that I’ve been appointed as chair of Laura Singletary’s thesis committee.  That means that I am her direct supervisor as she goes through the toughest part of the DLP program…her thesis.  I’m extremely lucky to have Dr. Ron Leatherbarrow as Laur’a Second Reader (and my First Advisor) as we jointly support Laura through her forest of research and writing.

That’s the update!


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