DLP Program to Expand to NEU Seattle Campus

I just learned that the Doctor of Law and Policy program will be expanding to NEU’s Seattle Campus starting next year.  This is outstanding for a few reasons (off the top of my head).

More Accessible

First, this program will be far more accessible to mid-west and western students.  They will be able to fly in to Seattle the morning of the first day of each monthly intensive meeting rather than having to fly in to Boston the night before.  This will save something north of 20 hotel nights and two meals.  Let’s see…20 saved hotel nights x $225 = $4,500ish saved plus 40 meals on the road x $20 = $800ish saved = north of $5,000 saved for mid-west and western students who elect to attend the Seattle section rather than the Boston section.

More Exchanges

Second, and far more important in my mind, is that the opening of a second section allows for a broader cohort for the exchange of ideas and mutual support.

I am very excited to see how this second section plays out!  I hope to support it in whatever way best serves the program.


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