My editor,

In my previous post I mentioned sending off a chapter to my editor, so it occurred to me spill a few words about my editor,

I’m using Dr. Alan Roda’s service to professionally edit my thesis and ensure that it complies with APA 6th formatting style.  I was exposed to Dr. Roda’s service way of a trusted recommendation from member of my cohort who was very happy with Dr. Roda’s services, and I now know why.’s staff of Ph.Ds has done exactly what I need.  They have edited my chapters to ensure scholarly tone and style.  They have suggested changes to words, sentence structures, and paragraph order to help me clarify my intended meaning. They have challenged me with questions based on what I have written as my Principal Investigator would.  What they have never done is to cross the ethical boundary of writing new material for me.

Frankly, I appreciate the cost effectiveness of billing practices.  They charge a basic rate for their services with their normal turn-around, but offer quicker turnarounds for a modest additional fee.  This quicker turnaround service has been valuable to me as I play ‘beat-the-clock’ on some of my chapter deliverables.

Look, it’s impossible to effectively edit your own work.  No, you’re not that good.  In case I’ve not been clear, I’m happy to recommend Dr. Roda’s group, to any doctoral candidate who wants to turn in scholarly work that is coherent and free of errors in grammar and punctuation..

No, I’ve received nothing from them for saying the things I’ve said here.  I just appreciate and respect excellent work at very fair rates.


PS: I had to edit this text hours after posting it because (a) I did NOT have edit this piece, and (b) I found two errors in the text.  It goes to show…  jlk

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