DLP Program to Expand to NEU Seattle Campus

I just learned that the Doctor of Law and Policy program will be expanding to NEU’s Seattle Campus starting next year.  This is outstanding for a few reasons (off the top of my head). More Accessible First, this program will be far more accessible to mid-west and western students.  They will be able to fly in to Seattle the morning of the first day of each monthly intensive meeting rather than having to fly in to Boston the night before.  This will save something north of 20 hotel nights and two meals.  Let’s see…20 saved hotel nights x $225 = $4,500ish saved plus 40 meals on the road x $20 = $800ish saved = north of $5,000 saved for mid-west and western students who elect to attend the Seattle section Continue Reading …

Congratulations to Doctor of Law and Policy Cohorts IX, X, and XI

Dear Cohort IX, You have now completed your Doctor of Law and Policy studies at Northeastern University, and many of you have already defended your dissertations. The rest of you will do so shortly. On behalf of Cohort VIII, we congratulate every one of you. Dear Cohort X, Well, now you’re the seniors. You’ve already started your core writing, and there is an end in sight, albeit a bit blurred right now. Sit down, strap in, and drive forward. You can and will do it, and know that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Dear Cohort XI, You’ll soon be asking yourselves what you gotten yourselves into. That’s okay. You’ll figure it out by the end of this year. Hang in there. Enjoy the ride, if not the hard Continue Reading …

Letter to Professor Neenah Estrella-Luna

Today I post here a copy of a letter I sent to Professor Estrella-Luna.  Some six months after defending my thesis and earning my doctorate in the Doctor of Law and Policy program at Northeastern University, I want to share with her why her teachings have made me a better policy maker and budding academic. Feel free to metaphorically look over her shoulder and read my letter. Jonathan February 12, 2017   Neenah Estrella-Luna, PhD Doctor of Law & Policy Program College of Professional Studies Northeastern University 30 BV 360 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115   Dear Professor Estrella-Luna:   It has been nearly six months since I defended my doctoral thesis before you and the other members of the examination committee.  That is a great reason for me to Continue Reading …

DLP Update From my Mentee, Opéoluwa Sotonwa

I have the great privilege of being the mentor of Opéoluwa Sotonwa, a member of NEU Doctor of Law and Policy program.  Opé is a member of Cohort X.  He is an advocate for the deaf and hearing impaired in a position that can truly make a difference; an accomplished attorney; a published author; and a particularly thoughtful individual. I just finished a call with Opé during which he described his own progress through the DLP program, and recent and upcoming events. Frankly, I’m a bit envious of my young squire. Okay, first some background. The DLP program has never been static.  It has continued to evolve in coursework, presentation, and faculty oversight over the past decade, arguably becoming something better with every passing year. When I went through the Continue Reading …

Ted Johnson, DLP to Participate in the Election Postmortem at UCLA/Hammer 1/17/17

UCLA Hammer Forum Election Postmortem Tuesday Jan 17, 2017 7:30PM PST “Reflecting on the 2016 presidential election, UCLA political scientist Lynn Vavreck looks at the effectiveness of campaign ads, public policy scholar Theodore R. Johnson discusses the changing role of the black electorate, and University of California, Irvine, political scientist Michael Tesler examines the connection between economic anxiety and racial resentment. Moderated by Ian S. Masters, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and KPFK 90.7 FM radio host.” For more information visit: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2017/01/election-postmortem/ I’ll be there.  Will you? PS: There will be a live stream of the event.  See more at the link above.

Dr. Rachel A. Meidl

All of us in Cohort 8 are incredibly happy on hearing the news that Dr. Rachel A. Meidl has been nominated by President Obama to serve a 5-year term as a Member of the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board. Rachel receiving her doctoral hood, September 28, 2016. (Photo credit: Northeastern University.) Dr. Meidl is an outstanding candidate, with a tremendous background that will make her an invaluable member on the Board.

What’s my Next Research Goal?

I’m evaluating possible research avenues now that I have the Post-Doc world ahead of me.  Given my thesis findings in Calabasas about community-wide perceptions regarding cell sites in neighborhoods, and the comments of my thesis review panel discussing my findings, I’m thinking about conducting a similar but more extensive and focused public opinion study in another one of the communities I work with in Southern California. It’s a community where new cell siting issues have been a particularly contentious and heated issue. Like most cases in local government, those who show up to public meetings are often and commonly opposed to some issue or proposition.  Those who feel that they are not affected (or even supportive) of the issue or proposition don’t typically attend public meetings.  The result can be Continue Reading …

Mentoring is a Tremendous Experience (and Pleasure)

I’m really enjoying the time I’m spending mentoring a new member of the Doctor of Law and Policy program at Northeastern.  It doesn’t take a lot of my time, and the GROI (Gratification Return on Investment) is exceptionally high. Find someone to mentor in a field or endeavor you know and YOU will grow from the experience.  So will your mentee. jlk

Best Facebook Post About My Doctorate

Sean del Solar of the City of San Marcos, California has (so far) the best Facebook comment about my newly minted doctorate. He wrote, A Doctor, an Engineer and an Attorney walk into a bar, the bartender asks “what can I get you Jonathan?” Yup, I really like that one! jlk