Month: June 2015

The value of the Cohort . . . My Cohort

A year ago 25 people came together as the initial members of Cohort VIII in the DLP program. A year later we’re down to 16 members. A group dropped out right after the program began, and we’ve lost 1 or 2 each quarter thereafter.

The members of my Cohort, without exception, are outstanding leaders in their own right, and truly quality individuals.

The survivors of our Cohort…and we certainly think of ourselves in that way…have drawn together to support each other through the program. We’ve become very close friends–much closer than I would have imagined just 12 months ago. We regularly communicate by text and email throughout each week. We celebrate our happy events, and join in mourning with our friends in those less-than-happy events.

The friends I have made over the past year are likely to remain my friends…and I, theirs…for life. I am very grateful that we have been thrown together into this melting pot.


Thesis Proposal Crunch Time: July 1

My thesis proposal is due on July 1. I’ll announce it here once it’s formally accepted. I have great confidence that it will be accepted given that I’ve provided it to the thesis advisor in preliminary form, and I received very positive feedback about my research goals.

What’s my topic? Let’s just say that I plan to evaluate a law and policy area of wireless tower siting that commonly comes up in planning hearings. What? You think you know what I’ll be studying? Maybe you’re right, but maybe you’re not.

You’ll just have to wait and see.

Almost Halfway Through the DLP Program

…and all of us in Cohort VIII are just a wee-bit tired and cranky. It’s the usual: Overworked and under-loved. Or maybe it’s under-loved and overworked. Well, whatever. We’re all going to be much happier campers on June 30th.

(Updated June 30th: We ARE much happier campers, especially now that grades are out! jlk 6/30 @ 3:20 p.m. PDT)