Month: September 2014

Is there privacy in one’s trash put out for collection?

It depends.

If you put your trash at the curb then you have no expectation of privacy in 50 states as to the feds snooping around in it. In 49 states you have no expectation of privacy for similarly-placed trash.

If you’re going to commit a state crime and put evidence in trash, move to New Hampshire and put your trash in opaque bags out on the curb. Under a state supreme court decision opaquely bagged trash is off limits to state and local police.

Live free or die, but know that you can place tape over that phrase on your license plates.

Why this blog?

This blog is very personal: It’s intended as an instructor-recommended way of tracking my personal growth as I progress through Northeastern University’s Doctor of Law and Policy program.

Please understand that I’m not posting to this blog for anyone other than myself.  That means that if you’re snooping around you might not understand why I wrote something, or what I wrote about.

I start this blog with an admission: I am a highly-educated blob.  I have three degrees: An Associate of Science degree; a Juris Doctor degree; and a Masters of Law degree.  I am admitted to two bars: California and New Mexico.  I have served as an expert witness or trial advisor in north of 40 cases.  I have a 20-page 24-page 25 page 31 page CV that even convinces me that I must be smart. Now that I have completed my first quarter in this doctoral program, I wonder how much smarter I’ll have to become to keep up with the really smart cohort members and complete the program.   Luckily, I’m goal driven, so ‘Gentlemen and Gentleladies, start your engines.’