Sous Vide Caesar-Parmesan Chicken

I thoroughly enjoy using my Anova sous vide machine. Here’s a recipe I created on the fly: Caesar–Parmesan Chicken. Here is what we finished entrée looks like:

Here are the ingredients:

Skinless chicken breast(s)

Dehydrated Parmesan cheese (I use Whisps)

Girard’s Light Caeser dressing…simply my favorite

Salt & Pepper

Extra-virgin olive oil

I have omitted the exact quantities of each ingredient because that’s the way I cook. Trust your taste-buds and eyes.


Start by putting about a quarter of a cup of dressing in the bottom of the bag. Add a liberal amount of the dehydrated Parmesan cheese to the dressing the bag.

Salt and pepper the chicken on both sides.

Add the chicken to the back and squish the liquids and parm bits all around to coat the chicken breasts. Vacuum and seal the bag.  I usually double seal my bags.

Here’s what all of this looks like at this stage:

Now it is time to put the bag into the deep end of the pool. I preheated my pool to 147.5°F. (For a bit firmer meat, try 152°F-158°F.)

After the chicken have played in the pool for 2 1/2 hours, take them out, but don’t unbag them just yet.

When the chicken has cooled (overnight in fridge, if you please) de-bag them and reserve the juices and cheese bits for later.

Heat up a large cast-iron skillet over high heat for at least 15 minutes. Maybe 10. Depends on how long you can wait.

While you are waiting, scrape off the cheese bits from the chicken and reserve them. Pat dry the chicken pieces in preparation for their visit to high heat hell.

Add a little Extra-virgin olive oil to the bottom of the skillet. Immediately add the chicken breasts and sear on each side for about 45 seconds to a minute. May be a bit more if you like it a bit crispier.

Into the skillet!

When golden brown (and certainly delicious) is achieved, remove from the skillet and plate. Add back the reserved juices and cheese bits on top.

Gotta love it!

Juicy, ready to eat!

The end result is a delicious chicken Caesar salad minus the salad. Try not to consume all of the chicken breasts in one sitting.


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