On the passing of Justice Scalia

justice_scalia_20160215No, I have no special connection to the last Justice Scalia.  No, I was not a big fan of his opinions (and, more accurately, his many dissents).  However, I learned long ago to read his opinions and dissents.  He was a brilliant legal scholar, a literate writer, and a debater to be feared.

Over the past couple of years in the DLP program, we studied many of Justice Scalia’s dissents and opinions.  The dissents were always more fun.

Here are some links to quotes from the great mind, now silenced.





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And away we go…

My IRB application was approved the day before Thanksgiving.  My survey is up (http://TinyURL.com/CalabasasSurvey).  My adverts are going up.  My invitation letters will go out on January 4, 2016.

The race is underway.

Six months to go.

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IRB Application Closer and Closer

My IRB application is essentially complete.

I spoke by Skype with the Professor Neenah Estrella-Luna, who is responsible for coordinating IRB applications prior to submission to the Principal Investigator, and to the IRB rep.  Professor Estrella-Luna asked me to make some changes based on new rules not yet reflected in the current application form, but those change are extremely minor.

This is a great relief because I know have data collection in sight, if not yet underway.


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Pipes Are SUCH a Problem

While my own ‘pipes’ are healing, and I had my internal liner (stent) removed a few days ago, the main sewer clay pipe for my home failed.  I suppose that’s not a surprise after 35 years of service.

To fix the sewer, we had an internal liner installed.  One liner out; one liner in.

Just another reminder that life gets in the way of life, sometimes.

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Missed Classes

Regrettably, I’ve missed this month’s classes at the University.  I have a good excuse: a kidney stone that refused to gracefully exit, and demanded the rather personal attention of my urologist in a surgical setting.  The little bastard is gone, now.  Good riddance vile creature.

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